Fresh flowers care

If you want flowers to please you with freshness longer, follow our simple care guidelines!

1. Cut the Stems
Trim stems every few days each time you change the water. It’s better to cut the stems at an angle as it allows for better water intake. Remove any leaves below the water line - it will not only make your bouquet look better, but also prevent bacterial growth.

2. Change the water
You need to change water entirely every 2-3 days.

3. Clean vase
Make sure that the vase is clean. Give your flowers a fresh clean environment free of bacteria and they will last much longer.

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Flower box care

Flower box doesn’t require any special care, simply follow these 3 tips to extend the life of your flowers.

1. Do not take the flowers out of the box

2. Keep the floral foam moist at all times – just add a little water to the foam every couple of days.

3. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, drafts and fruits

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About me

Some people come to creativity by accident, others choose their profession purposefully. My relationship with creativity started from early childhood and it seems I didn’t have a single chance to not dedicate myself to flowers.

My mum was a clothes designer and I was carefully watching every day how gracefully and expertly she treated her stacks of patterns, metres of fabric and ready dresses, which transformed women and gave them faith in their beauty and femininity. She decorated her dresses with gorgeous ribbons, lace and luxurious accessories.

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